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Thank you for your interest in Airhedz Aerial Yoga. The classes for 2018 are now all sold out. Do read below for how to join us for 2019. Sign up to our Newsletter to receive updates on all courses.

Where do the sessions take place?

    Soul Solutions (Studio), Graveney Road, Faversham, Kent ME13 8UJ

When is the next course?

    Tina will be taking a short break from teaching in early 2019. Aerial Yoga will recommence for the following courses. As the courses are selling well, if you would like to suggest a time/day, Tina is happy to investigate additional sessions.

    Mondays February 25th - 1st April 2019 (6 sessions)

  • 6.15-7.15pm - 3 spaces available
  • 7.30-8.30pm - 1 space available
  • 8.40-9.40pm - 1 space available

    Tuesdays February 26th - 2nd April 2019 (6 sessions)

  • 5-6pm           - SOLD OUT
  • 6.15-7.15pm - 2 spaces available
  • 7.30-8.30pm - 1 space available

How much is it? 

    A courses of six sessions is £78 per person. I'm afraid there are no discounts for missing classes. Full payment is due in advance of the first class.

How do I book?

    Please email airhedztina(at) with your preferred day and time. You will be sent a form that will need to be completed, signed and returned. 

    You will then be issued an invoice. On full payment, your place is booked.

What is Airhedz Aerial Yoga?

        Airhedz Aerial Yoga, started in 2011, stems from Tina Carter's aerial career. She performed professionally for many years on cloudswing, cocoon, trapeze (swinging, flying, doubles and solo), corde lisse, fabrics (aka silks), and split slings (2 lifting strops connected at the centre by a swivel). On leaving the circus, she started exploring how the low-hung hammock could be a new partner, supporting and challenging acrobatic movements. Then, years later, she partnered with Karin van Maanen, an old university friend, now an established yoga and Embodied Yoga practitioner, to examine how aerial and yoga could work together. This is how the first incarnation of Airhedz Aerial Yoga was formed. Tina has since gone on to develop and teach it alone, with Karin's blessing.

    Using fabric slings (or hammocks) hung usually at waist-height, Tina's bespoke sequences encourage balance, stamina, strength, flexibilty and overall wellbeing drawing on traditional and contemporary aerial movements, combined with yoga postures and a meditative, mindful approach to individual wellbeing. She explores what works on her body, and invites participants to engage with the movements in ways that best suit them. She is always exploring new and alternative ways to move with the hammocks that are fun, challenging but also safe. A key focus point, is to find adaptations for the beginner to the more advanced; for those with great power to those with significantly less; for those who desire a greater flexibility, to those who need to moderate owing to hypermobility. For Tina, the form, and the teacher as well as the students are always in the process of learning.

How does it differ to other styles of Aerial Yoga?

    There are increasing variations of aerial yoga styles, the most famous being AntiGravity, founded by Christopher Harrison. Some practices, like his, use double-point rigging and others (like Airhedz) uses a single-point rigging. When following a franchise, such as AG, there are specific methods, sequences and processes that all teachers who offer it must adhere to. The benefit of this is consistency of brand and delivery at whichever AG class you attend. As an independent however, Tina enjoys the freedom to explore, develop and change sequences and classes to fit the specific class participants as well as to maintain a creative aspect to her own practice. Tina's advice? Try it all! See what works for you.

    As a keen advocate of inclusive practice, in 2019 Tina will be training in Audio Description and British Sign Language, to enhance the accessibility of her teaching. She has been fortunate enough to be supported in this through the Arts Council of England's Developing Your Creative Practice fund.




  • Aerial Yoga sessions run for an hour including warm-up and relaxation.  Please ensure you arrive promptly so the class can start on time. You may not be able to access the class once it has started; please be aware that on occasion the venue is locked during the class and no late admittance will be possible. If you are know you are running late, then please contact Tina at the earliest, safe opportunity.
  • Use of the aerial equipment is strictly for the duration of the class, so please do not begin using the equipment prior to that point in the session.
  • Each session will begin with a warm-up with light cardio and mobilisation on the ground, followed by the aerial yoga session.  Each session finishes with up to 5 minutes relaxation encased in or using the aerial hammocks for support.  Please note that enclosure in the fabric can cause some people claustrophia, so this is of course optional.
  • Airhedz Aerial Yoga sessions are devised by Tina Carter as sequences that flow from movement to movement.  However, with the addition of new people and the introduction of new movements, the fluidity may at times be affected, so that specific skills or techniques can be learned.  This might mean that the usual flow of a session is interrupted.  If this is the case, please keep to the practice in hand and await the development and resist 'playing' in the fabric at those times.
  • Inspired by mindfulness and yoga practices, the sessions aim to allow each participant to move and breathe in a way that is most suitable for them within a given sequence.  If at any point you find that you are struggling, need to rest or need to take time out, then please listen to your body and do just that. 
  • Adjustments and options are offered throughout the sequences wherever possible to accommodate all our different bodies and experiences, however, if you have any physical, sensory or learning conditions that might impact on your ability to follow a sequence of movement, please contact Tina in the first instance so she can make appropriate adjustments to the choreography beforehand.
  • Please ensure you read our Codes of Conduct before attending. They offer information on what to wear, punctuality, cancellation and photographic policies.

Catch-up Sessions:

  • All courses are to be booked and paid for in advance, regardless of attendance. No refunds are possible for missing classes, however, where possible, catch-up sessions will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis as and when places come available.
  • Catch-up sessions become available when someone else cannot attend a class. If you know you are not going to be able to attend, please let Tina know as soon as possible, so that space can be offered as a catch-up to someone else. 
  • There is no guarantee that you will be able to catch-up, but to date, with everyone communicating well, most people have been able to do so.
  • ​Please note that if you simply do not turn up, then you may forfeit your opportunity for a catch-up as your space would not have been able to be offered to someone else.
  • To claim a catch-up session, please respond as soon as possible to the emails circulated. Whilst I am happy for people to carry over the missed sessions to another course, you will need to be booked and paid onto the following course in order to claim them.

Happy Dangling!

*If you would be interested in a different time course on Mondays or Tuesdays, this might be possible. If you have a group interested in the same time, why not contact us to see what's possible. To keep prices down, a minimum of 4 people is required for courses to run. If fewer are booked onto any course, alternatives might be offered or courses might be cancelled. On occasion, Tina might need to alter dates, but advance notice will be given and alternatives offered.