Trapeze & Hoop

Aerial classes


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Friday Nights (7.30-9pm)

Whitstable Sports Centre, Bellevue Road, Whitstable, Kent                                                                                     

This term we will do a combination of Aerial Hoop, Trapeze and Aerial Fabric (aka Silks or Tissu)

We are keen to accommodate a diverse group of people in our sessions. We have a minimum age of 12, but no upper age limit. If you have physical or sensory conditions that might mean you need additional support, please call or email us for a discussion on how we can best support you in our classes.



Friday 7th September - Friday 19th October (7 sessions)

Friday 2nd November - 14th December (7 sessions)



Half-Term: £98 per person


FULL TERM: £185 per person


Booking Your Place:

Please note that people are expected to attend all sessions in the course. We understand that life sometimes prevents this from happening, but I'm afraid that no reductions are offered for missed sessions. ​To book onto any course, please email airhedztina (at)



  • Courses in 2018 will be led by Tina Carter and assisted by Jessica Urwin. If Tina is unable to attend Sarah Walker-Down will usually be her replacement. Suzy-Jade Carter also assists on occasion.
  • Class will begin with a led warm-up. Once you have attended a few times, you may be asked to begin warming yourselves up. We suggest: light cardio to get the body warmed followed by mobilising the joints and then light stretching as appropriate for the class e.g. warm-up straddles, pikes, splits positions but ensure you stay within your range of movement so as not to weaken the muscles before working. 
  • Please note that if you are late for the warm-up, you may not be able to participate in the class!

  • This term the course will involve working on a mix of aerial apparatus: trapeze, hoop, fabric (long tails and knotted cocoons) and rope.
  • The course is also being attended by beginners, returners and more experienced aerialists and therefore variations will be offered throughout. Please ensure you listen carefully and follow instructions suitable for your current experience and knowledge.
  • At any point, if you are unsure of what you are supposed to do, or need additional support or help, please do not be afraid to ask
  • This term, the course will be run technically and thematically. There will be creative/exploratory tasks for you to work with; there will be specific technical skills taught at different levels; there will be conditioning to be done alone and with a partner both in the air and on the floor.
  • The session will end with a led cool-down.
  • Please note that to run smoothly, we ask that everyone helps set the space, moving crash-mats into position and being ready to start on time.
  • Please ensure you read our Codes of Conduct before attending. They offer information on what to wear, punctuality, cancellation and photographic policies.

Happy Dangling!