Listed here are some of the short films that Tina Carter has created with different film makers.  Please click on the title of each to view them.  If any errors occur, please let us know.

Composite Film of Aerial Activities in recent years


This short film documents a process that built on Tina's PhD research into historical disabled circus artists.


This is a short film funded by Canterbury City Council and the Circus Space, it shows the making of a short aerial duet between Sophie Partridge and Tina Carter.  Filmed and edited by Anton French. I just came across a lovely review of this short film we made.

Everyday Language (no longer available I'm afraid)

‘When the world continues to be crazy and I feel unable to do anything to change it, I return to a place that I feel most comfortable, and sit.’ Everyday Language is an experimental aerial-dance film created for Tina Carter’s Practice as Research MA at the University of Kent at Canterbury.  Directed and performed by Tina Carter in collaboration with filmmakers Sarah Turner and Joseph Morris, with lighting by Chris Barham.  2006.

Where the Crow Flies (no longer available I'm afraid)

A site-specific ‘dance for camera’ film inspired by an unusual structure and a crow that flew through it one day. Directed by Tina Carter with filmmaker Anton French and performed by Paul Tann.