Patiently Waiting until November

I’m Sorry…

We continue to be closed for the time being.

It’s been a weird 6 months with Covid-19 enforced closure but the summer proved gently positive.

I tentatively offered outdoor aerial classes in my garden once I had Covid Protocols in place. Adults and young people attended private sessions in aerial fabric, aerial hoop, trapeze, hammock, and aerial yoga and it was a joy to teach those wanting to continue.

Thankfully well and living by the sea meant I could social distance and stay active with friends. Paddle boarding, sea swimming, cycling, and walking in woodland became ways to stay physically and mentally healthy. For those I am really grateful.

Now, with the rig and rigging all cleaned and packed away, I have allowed myself a week off before starting a new adventure.

I will be a drama teacher for a year in a secondary school. I was first offered a post as a drama teacher more than thirty years ago! It seems the time is now right…

Airhedz is therefore on hold for 6 weeks while I learn my new role, and adjust to a new life. Those six weeks should also facilitate a better understanding of how Covid affects us in schools.

I hope to offer aerial classes and training from November. But we must be patient. You don’t need to find a box like Retho above, and there are of course other studios that are now open and offering classes. Please do check them out, ensure you will be safe, and enjoy a new experience if you can’t wait for us.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and #airhedzaerialtraining so far. I look forward to bringing us all back again soon.

Best wishes to you all, Tina Carter.


    1. Thanks Amanda, I’ve encouraged people to keep active, and to check on people’s Covid-19 protocols in the first instance, so hopefully people will make up their own minds. Glad things have been going well for you and I look forward to continuing with Airhedz (no second ‘a’) soon. Tx

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