At Airhedz, we strive to make our work accessible to all who wish to join. We aren’t yet perfect! Below is information on what we are able to do so far…

A wide shot of the studio showing a brown floor, mirrors on the left hand side, and a climbing wall on the right. Aerial equipment just appears from the roof.

The Activity Studio in Whitstable Sports Centre, is on the ground floor with ramped access from the car park. There are two accessible toilets on the left hand side as you enter the building.

Four people use aerial hammocks to support a lunge position showing the studio as bright and simple in design.

The Studio at Soul Solutions, Faversham, is on the ground floor with a (small) car park directly in front. There are two accessible toilets on the left hand side as you enter the building and there is a kitchen too.

Aerial Yoga:

Aerial Yoga is suitable for blind/VI participants, as Tina guides everyone through vocal and physical support.

Tina is currently training at Level 4 BSL in order to make her work more accessible to Deaf people who sign. She is happy to guide people through Aerial Yoga using sign. Please note there are times when you will be upside down, or inside a hammock which makes some actions more difficult.

For people with significant mobility conditions, aerial yoga is not so accessible. Please call/email for further information so Tina can explain what might/might not be possible.

Trapeze and Aerial Fabric

These courses ARE suitable for blind/VI, Deaf and people with some mobility conditions. These are not currently suitable for people with learning disabilities.

Private Classes & Workshops

ALL private classes and workshops are offered with the specific client/group in mind. We can bring our circus and/or aerial equipment to you, or you can come to us in Whitstable or Faversham.

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