Aerial Fabric

Two aerialists are captured mid-spin on blue aerial fabrics.

Fridays 6.30pm-7.30pm & Sundays 9.30-10.30am


JUN 17th – JUL 22nd (not July 1st)JUN 19th – JUL 24th (not July 3rd)
SEPT 16th – OCT 21stSEPT 18th – OCT 23rd
NOV 4th – DEC 9thNOV 6th – DEC 11th


£75 per person for 5-week block

90 per person for 6-week block (one fabric). *

*Prices may increase without notice.

Venue: Whitstable Sports Centre

Teacher: Tina Carter

To Book:

Email stating what course, day, and time you would like. You will be sent a form to complete and issued an invoice.

What is Aerial Fabric?

Aerial Fabric, also known as Silks, uses long tails of a specialist fabric on which to climb, make fabulous shapes, drop and tumble.

In these sessions you work with foot-locks, catchers, hip-locks, belays etc. to create intricate patterns and sequences.

There is a mix of technical tuition, task-based exploration, and time to review and create sequences with guidance.

How Accessible is this Course? Check here: Access.

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