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Tina Carter was awarded a DyCP grant in late 2018 to further her aerial work with D/deaf and disabled people. The grant enabled her to study BSL, work with mentors on Audio Description and Sign Language in aerial settings.  

UNfrIQUE is the culmination of studio research led by Tina Carter with performers Milton Lopes, Stephen Bunce and Tiiu Mortley. It explores how stories of historical Disabled Circus Artists could be told through today's disabled artists.

Hang-ups! is a short film following how and why Tina Carter and Sophie Partridge created an inclusive aerial duet. Tina is non-disabled. Sophie is of small stature and has Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

It's All About ME! toured the UK in 2008/9 and was a lot of fun. Tina performed two aerial pieces, each lightly comic, one on rope, the second on fabric, though they do appear the other way around here. Just a bit of fun.

Park Life I (Potters Fields Park) Tina Carter was invited to create a unique piece of work celebrating the potters in London. It was devised with fellow aerialists Nikki Jeffries and Andy Evans in 2007, on a bespoke aerial spiral by Mish Weaver a few years earlier. This is a slideshow of images by Peter Gettins, taken for Tina over two performances.

Park Life II Tina Carter was inspired by the music of Beethoven and Madness, A Clockwork Orange, and Huis Clos by Jean-Paul Sartre. Sadly the film is grainy, and the event is a rehearsal rather than a performance, but it offers an archival view of more of her work. 

Return Journey was created in 2006 as part of Tina Carter's MA by Practice as Research. This performance took place at London's Dancing City festival. Music is Maawwaal by Reem Kelani, who attended this performance.  

Where the Crow Flies is a short movement-to-camera project, created in May 2007 between choreographer Tina Carter, filmmaker Anton French, and performer Paul Tann. 

Ulterior Motives (compilation) shows snippets of three aerial dances made for Tina Carter's MA by Practice as Research reflecting on the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. 

Everyday Language began life as a quest for the pedestrian, the normal, the mundane as a means to find a new doorway into generating aerial choreography. The eight-minute conclusion presents a fractured female body suspended in lush, red fabric, unemotionally moving to the rhythm of time. The only sounds are those generated by the body with the prop, and those that occur in the room when filmed.

MoodSwing presents an aerial dance duet performed by Tina Carter and Nikki Jeffries, made in 2001. We perform on and with a bespoke aerial coat hanger designed by Tina Carter. Edited by Barry Ramage. Original music by Matt Smythe.