Kitten Retho lies comfortably on an open circus book.

Tina Carter (PhD) continues to research circus (and aerial in particular) in different ways, through practice, writing and presenting at conferences. She is in the early stages of writing an auto-ethnographic book that should be published in spring 2021. 

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Please see below some of Tina’s published and shared works.

The Circus Toolkit, launched in October 2019, by Extraordinary Bodies and National Centre for Circus Arts is now available. Tina Carter fed into the process and while it is only a very small start, it is a useful one.

2018: Exposing the Implicit: AD for Aerial Action, Identity and Story-Telling

2018: Rolling into Flight: Practical Reflections on Accessible Aerial. Presentation. Circus & Its Others, Prague.

2018: Freaks No More: Rehistoricizing Disabled Circus ArtistsPerformance Matters. Vol 4, No 1-2 (2018): Circus and Its Others

2018: Aerialist by Rebecca Truman – Book Review

2016: Circus and the missing M. Presentation: OTHERHOOD: Circus & Identity, Zagreb.

2016: Is the twenty-first century disabled artiste un-freaking or re-freaking circus? Presentation: Circus & Its Others Conference, Montreal. July 2016. Invited to contribute a shortened version of the paper to online peer-reviewed journal.

2016: Accessible Aerial: Suspending the Rules Presentation: European Aerial Dance Festival, Brighton, UK. August 2016.

2015: Suspending Conventions: How ‘disabled aerialists’ are challenging aesthetic and methodological practices in 21st Century aerial(ism) PhD Thesis.

2014: Dangerous Play: “Supercrip” Aerialists and the Paralympic Opening Ceremony of London 2012

2014: Diversity in Aerial: Not only Attractive but Necessary in the Twenty-First Century

2013: “Contemporary street arts in Europe: aesthetics and politics” by Susan Heidicke – Book Review 

2013: Dis’abling’ aerial for small statured performers in London 2012´s Paralympic Opening Ceremony

2012: ‘cripping up’ or coming out as non-disabled: a personal reflection on the pursuit of an ethical research practice.

2012: ‘Betwixt and Between: the liminal status of the ‘Disabled Aerialist’’

2011: Re-Presenting the Aerialist in the Post-Superhuman Age

2010: The Ethics of Appropriation in Aerial Choreography