Tina Carter

Retho, as a kitten, sits on Tina’s shoulder.

Tina has over 25 years of international aerial experience as a performer, coach, choreographer, and writer. She founded Airhedz in 1999 offering some of the very first aerial training opportunities in Kent. Her passion is Sharing the Art of Aerial with all who wish to give it a go!

In 2021, she completed her BSL Level 3, and is now working on Level 4. Tina is happy to include sign in lessons, or run BSL-specific private classes.

Her professional practice has been incredibly broad. She has three degrees (BA, MA, & PhD). She toured with traditional and contemporary circuses as an aerialist, acrobat, and clown in the 1990s, before setting up Expressive Feat Productions Ltd. and making her own work.

She taught at East 15 Acting School for 10 years, setting up their Circus in a Suitcase course. She continues to work on Wicked the Musical, training the monkeys! She trained the deaf/disabled/non-disabled Paralympic Opening Ceremony aerial performers in 2012, then choreographed the two big aerial numbers. She continues to choreograph for other companies including Graeae Theatre Company.

During the Covid-19 pandemic she worked as a secondary school drama teacher covering for someone on maternity leave; while she tried to maintain Airhedz with private sessions, it was no longer a sustainable business with studios and theatres closed.

Now in 2022 Tina is offering a variety of Aerial classes, private and group sessions, in 3 studios in Kent. So check out the Timetable and individual tabs for details.