Codes of Conduct

Owing to Covid-19, our codes of conduct have to now include Coronavirus Protocols. Specifics will be sent to you when you book your session. Click on the image above to view Tina Carter’s recent presentation on teaching outside.

What to Wear

Please dress appropriately for the discipline you are training in, the space in which we are working, and for the safety of you and the others
around you. At Airhedz this means:
• DO wear: sports clothing (such as yoga, Pilates, gym) that has no zips, buttons or harsh additions.
• DO wear: tight-fitting clothing that covers your torso and will not slip when inverting.
• DO NOT wear jeans, very baggy clothing, overly revealing garments.
• Please avoid sequins, diamante or the like as it can catch on and damage the fabric.
• Please wear clothing that covers the armpits to prevent burns and to protect the equipment.
• Ensure all jewellery including watches is removed (ear/nose studs are fine); belly-piercings should be covered at
• If you are prone to excessive perspiration, please bring towels or additional clothing.
• We generally work in bare feet; if you have gaiters or trapeze boots please check with Tina before using these on fabric.
• If you have ankle guards or knee supports etc. please bring them with you if needed but check with Tina before using them.

Aerial Fitness & Capacity

• All those attending Airhedz aerial sessions (including Independent Training) are expected to be of appropriate fitness and capacity to undertake the sessions. Incapacity may be experienced/demonstrated by for example: the use of some drugs, alcohol, hunger and tiredness.
• All Airhedz tutors have the right to refuse anyone access to Airhedz sessions if they are, or appear to be, incapacitated in any way; this includes those participating in Open Training.
• All participants are expected to undertake an appropriate warm-up prior to aerial activity. These will be led by Airhedz staff those on the courses and all those present are invited to participate as well. If you do not participate in a led warm-up, you are expected to run your own appropriate one. Refusal to do so may result in participation being cancelled.
• Please ensure you remain hydrated. There may not be a working water fountain on site, but there is usually somewhere to buy bottled water. Please come prepared.

Access & Disability Awareness

Wherever possible, Airhedz Aerial Sessions will be made accessible to disabled participants. For more information please speak to Tina Carter
to see what provision can be made.


• Independent Training is for experienced aerialists only. At Airhedz, participation will be at the discretion of Tina Carter only. IT trainees
are expected to be able to demonstrate independent, safe aerial practice, working alone on aerial actions for which they do not require
guidance, spotting or supervision.
• If you are interested in participating in IT, please contact Tina Carter to discuss options. You may be asked to demonstrate specific
knowledge, skills and awareness before being granted permission to participate.
• Whilst we support collaborative working and training, IT is NOT a place for private tuition and instruction. Please see the section below
for more details.
• Please respect others training in the space. It is not appropriate to copy others working in the space (privately or in a concurrent class).
If you are interested in something someone is working on, please converse with them, but be aware of the section below.


• To ensure safety for all, Airhedz is now instigating a ‘lateness’ policy. If possible, please arrive at least five minutes before your class so you can be ready to begin at the start of the session.
• We appreciate that sometimes it cannot be helped, so if you know you will be late, please contact your course tutor to find out if it will still be possible to join the class.
• If you are late, it will be at the discretion of the course tutor as to whether or not you can join the session; you may be asked to observe rather than actively participate.
• If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will NOT be able to participate in the class.
• Please note that for Aerial Yoga in Faversham, the venue is often locked a few minutes prior to the start of session; you will therefore not be able to enter the building if late.
• If you miss sessions, or are refused entry owing to lateness, you will NOT be refunded for those sessions.

Missed Classes & Catch-ups

When possible, in Aerial Yoga, Tina offers Catch-ups for missed classes, when participants have informed her beforehand. There needs to be time to pass the space on to someone else to make this work. If you miss a class without informing us, you will not necessarily qualify for a catch-up.

Teaching at Airhedz

• Airhedz is a privately run aerial training facility founded and funded by Tina Carter. Whilst she appreciates students’ excitement at
learning and sharing new skills, for safety reasons this is not permitted in the space.
• Only Airhedz appointed staff are permitted to teach aerial skills in the Airhedz Aerial sessions. The courses are designed and
implemented carefully by appropriately experienced and trained tutors. Airhedz therefore does not allow student-to-student teaching.
• Whilst we support collaborative training, the IT sessions are not the appropriate time/place for this. Airhedz are currently researching
opportunities to run separate creative sharing time between experienced parties. If you are interested in this, please talk to Tina Carter.

Photography & Filming

• Please do NOT video or photograph students or Airhedz staff during classes. If you wish to have photographs of yourself taken at some
point, please talk to your course tutor beforehand.
• Please do NOT video or photograph anyone in the space without their EXPLICIT permission.
• Airhedz staff or appointed photographers may on occasion video/photograph for publicity of its classes sharing them on Twitter,
Facebook and etc. If you would rather NOT be photographed, please let staff know at the time.

Late & Non-Payment

• As spaces are limited in all our courses, we require payment in advance to guarantee places.
• It may be possible for those known to us, to have alternative arrangements; please talk to Tina about this.
• As Airhedz is a small, self-funded entity, we cannot afford non-payment. Please be advised that we will seek legal advice for any non-payment
of fees.
• Once a course has been booked and paid for, reimbursement for lack of attendance is usually not offered. Any repayment will be
considered on a case-by-case basis, but rarely on part-attendance of a course.
• Please note that confirmation of participation will mean you have to pay for each place in full before the course begins and it will be

Booking & Cancellation Policy

Airhedz implemented a new cancellation policy in May 2017. Once payment has been made, no refunds or reimbursements are made unless at Airhedz discretion.

Due to the timely and specialised nature of these events and the limited number of spaces on offer, the 14-day cooling off period available on may purchases does not automatically apply. If you require 14 days to consider your options then please state this before booking a place. We can pencil a place in for you, but cannot guarantee it if others agree to commit to the place in that time. This is due to our courses being offered as a leisure activity, occurring on specific dates and being of very limited number.

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