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Tina Carter is very grateful to the Arts Council of England who have accepted her application to the Covid-19 support fund for individuals. Since 16th March, all Tina's work has been cancelled, with only uncertainty lying ahead. Her application asked for 7 weeks of part-time paid hours to help her Think and Plan for the future. Tina will write a blog on what she aims to do with this support.

Posted: 17th March 2020

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to suspend all Airhedz classes for the time being.

Taking the Government’s recent advice to avoid, “pubs, clubs, theatres and other such social venues,” led me to this decision, primarily because we all work in close proximity to one another in the sessions, and generally share equipment.

There is still a big question mark over gyms and participatory classes, but increasingly (especially across the globe) these are closing.

Why is Airhedz closing if others don’t?

  • Airhedz hires venues to conduct its activities and cannot undertake the sort of precautionary measures other studios may be able to
  • Changing equipment on a regular basis is not possible due to the height in Whitstable Sports Centre
  • Access to appropriate cleaning products has become increasingly challenging
  • We have a number of vulnerable people in our classes and without cancelling, they may put themselves at risk unduly so as not to miss a class
  • I have to consider the health and wellbeing of those who work for/with me
  • Despite advice for people to wash hands, not attend if unwell, people do still tend to come if classes run
  • Even if we feel well, we may well be carriers

What now?

  • I am cleaning all my equipment that I have been able to take down (aerial yoga hammocks for example) which is hanging in the sunshine, being blown dry in the wind
  • I have requested dates to change the rigging in Whitstable Sports Centre, but this is unlikely to happen until the school holidays due to the mix of staffing availability (it’s a complex network to negotiate!! And that’s not including Covid-19)
  • I hope to put up some videos/links of activities that you can do while away from class to keep yourselves fit
  • I will let you all know as and when things return to normal as soon as I can.

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