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Update on Opening

It’s Half-Term for some of us! Phew! And I have a whole new appreciation for what that means. I have spent the past 6.5 weeks working as a secondary school drama teacher. SO much learning (on my part). Oh my how exhausting!! However, the support I have received from fellow teachers and staff has been incredible.

Yes, but what about Airhedz, I hear you cry?

Sadly, with the new 3 Tier system, with Covid-19 still haunting our every action, on top of my own personal fatigue due to the new job, I am still not ready to reopen Airhedz. Thus, the goalposts are shifting once more.

Airhedz will not open before January 2021.

I have been slowly accepting that Airhedz may not open until still later next year. I could potentially put plans in place to run short courses, but with the virus slowly making its way south again, I think it wouldn’t be long before we were forced to close again. I would rather wait, wait, wait…

And when I reopen, it will be reopening with strength and resilience.

There are companies/individuals in Kent who are offering a mix of courses and training opportunities. I wish them all well, and hope this virus stays away for them to continue to earn a safe and viable living. We all need to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing, so finding what works for us individually at this time is crucial.

I’m sorry I won’t see so many of your smiling faces, pumping bodies, enduring wills, and hear your laughter. I miss you all.

But… this too will pass…

Sending love to you all, and a wish for future aerial adventures together in the future.

All staff and volunteers are DBS checked and carry full insurance.

Arts Council England logo.

Tina would like to thank the Arts Council of England, and the UK Govt. for their emergency support funds that helped her out during the Covid-19 Lockdown.