Welcome to Airhedz 2021

Tina sits facing the camera, smiling. Directly in front of her is Retho, her tabby cat, looking more disgruntled at having her photograph taken.
Cat Yoga?

๐ŸŽ€ No Evidence of Disease ๐ŸŽ€

After what seemed like a long wait, I was finally told that my biopsy showed NED!! As you can imagine, I was elated! While I am still very much at the start of my recovery journey, I feel excited at the possibility to start again. And thank you to everyone who has been in my corner!

Airhedz Reopens!

Aerial Fitness starts on Friday 14th January and runs for 3 weeks. There are only 9 spaces available, and they have been offered to recent aerial fabric students in the first instance. Any spaces left will be offered to newcomers with the required experience/knowledge.

Still to Come

This week I will put plans together to restart Aerial Yoga & Hoop & Trapeze.

Please note things will be a ‘little different’ to start with, as I rebuild my strength, stamina, body awareness… but I am very excited to go back to the studios and share my passion for aerial with you all.

What people have said so far:

“So much fun and a great challenge, you’re a great teacher!”

“Absolutely loved the class Tina, thank you so much.”

“Have to say how much I’m loving Aerial Yoga – can feel the muscles working!”

“I think your videos are brilliant Tina! I LOVE them!”

“Those [videos] are really useful thank you! It’s great to be able to watch it a few times over as was forgetting where to put the fabrics! It’s good to be able to pause it and re watch etc and then make notes :)”

COVID-19 Update:

Despite most restrictions now being lifted, at Airhedz we continue to strive to go that little step further to try and keep us all safe. This is why there will be no shared equipment in classes unless by household members. This does therefore mean limited places and sessions but hopefully these will increase in time.

The Government advice follows: Organise your sport or physical activity sessions to avoid sharing equipment where it is possible and practical, particularly that used around the head and face. Where equipment needs to be shared, it should be cleaned between users. [Accessed: 17th August 2021]

All staff and volunteers are DBS checked and carry full insurance.