Welcome to Airhedz

16th March 2020 – 16th March 2021

One year on… and we continue to wait.

BUT there is good news… the vaccines are rolling out; the Covid numbers are gradually falling; the days are getting longer; the sun is (at least on occasion) shining…

We are not heading back into studios yet… we continue to wait.

So breathe well, breathe calmly, breathe deeply. Rest when you can. Enjoy the time you have. Smile, even if sometimes you have to force it, just a little… It really can help lighten your mood.

I miss my Airhedz… I miss dangling… I miss the laughter, the sweat, the challenge, the pain, the successes, the games, the silliness, the perseverance, the learning, the sharing and all those wonderful faces.

One day… until then… stay safe.

All staff and volunteers are DBS checked and carry full insurance.

Arts Council England logo.

Tina would like to thank the Arts Council of England, and the UK Govt. for their emergency support funds that helped her out during the Covid-19 Lockdown.