Sometimes even the cat’s had enough!

Retho, our tabby cat, lies on outstretched legs, paws either side of them, head down, face hidden as if having just given up!

It’s 30th December 2020, and I’m probably as anxious as everyone else is, awaiting another government announcement. Will Kent move into an additional Tier 5? Will it be phrased as another Lockdown? Whatever it is, with the newly approved Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, surely we are on our way towards a more hopeful future?

And yet… we aren’t out of those proverbial woods yet.

We still have to keep ourselves safe, and therefore others. The aerial doors aren’t going to suddenly open up to let us freely swing in the covid-19 breeze. Sadly, we still have to stay patient, biding our time, waiting for the call to expose our arms and receive the jab. Whilst I like to think positively, I can’t see us being able to start regular classes again for several months yet. Whitstable Sports Centre remains closed, so we can’t offer any classes there at the moment. Soul Solutions has been open at times, then closed at others, and like all other venues in Tier 4, it’s also currently closed.

The diagnosis: Airhedz must remain closed for now.

The prognosis: it looks like a bright future is around the corner… it’s just a long Roman road that goes on, and on, over a few hills and down some vales, before that corner is reached.

So, enjoy your outdoor strolls, cycles, runs. Stretch and strengthen with Airhedz or others on YouTube and the like. Stay safely connected with friends and family.

We will be back… we just don’t know when.

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