Accessible Aerial… for me!

Close up of a hand wearing a wrist support. Socked feet are in the far distance below left.

I turned 50 and my body started to rebel. Holding on is getting harder, but letting go? That’s not an option.

I have been exceptionally lucky in my life. I know this. Much of the time, I get to do what I want. I’m my own boss. I make decisions about what and how to do things, and although there are of course significant times of doubt, fear, frustration and panic, it’s not a bad position to be in. Most of the time.

Then some days I just don’t FEEL lucky!

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Bye-bye Battersea

We have said goodbye to Battersea for another year.

I love this event. From a very personal viewpoint, it’s one that enables me to bring a fabulous team of experienced and novice circus folk together to share in our passion. Fun. Festive, educational, often upside-down, fun.

The team, pictured through an aerial hoop
Photo Credit: Kim Carter

Thanks to all the organisers, funders, volunteers and of course my Airhedz team.

See you all down the road. Soon.