It may be getting colder… but there’s a smile on my face!

Aerialists hang horizontally off aerial hoops, some reflected in the mirrors.

November already! It’s been an exciting re-opening for Airhedz Aerial Training.

I started a new partnership, working with Affinity Pole Studio in Chestfield, where I now run Aerial Hoop classes for adults and family groups; I get to train a little myself, and it’s a great place to run private classes.

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Hurrah! Airhedz is back…

Tina plays in the aerial-strops with a bit of cheesy music overlaid!

We’re already mid-way through September, the sun is shining, and I felt it was probably time to share a few thoughts.

Last week I started all my new Airhedz Aerial Training courses. Sadly, I don’t have a lot on offer, happily, most of them are full, so I feel incredibly lucky.

It’s exciting to welcome new people to the Airhedz clan, and the number of former students who leapt at the opportunity to return to classes has been seriously humbling.

The enthusiasm I have received has given me a real spring in my stride, so much so that I dug out my old 1990s aerial boots – they still fit – and hung up some strops to have a play. And this little video emerged! Great to try new (old) things, and consider what else I might be able to offer.

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The Loves and Loathes of Lockdown

Has anyone else obsessed over the Downing Street Briefings? Become addicted to statistics? Been horrified at the deaths, the pain, the isolation, the exhaustion, the inequity, so many have suffered? Has anyone else been perpetually conflicted over what, or what not to do?

I know I have been EXTREMELY lucky.

To date, my nearest and dearest are okay. I’m most grateful for that.

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Accessible Aerial… for me!

Close up of a hand wearing a wrist support. Socked feet are in the far distance below left.

I turned 50 and my body started to rebel. Holding on is getting harder, but letting go? That’s not an option.

I have been exceptionally lucky in my life. I know this. Much of the time, I get to do what I want. I’m my own boss. I make decisions about what and how to do things, and although there are of course significant times of doubt, fear, frustration and panic, it’s not a bad position to be in. Most of the time.

Then some days I just don’t FEEL lucky!

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