Dangling & Dementia

A body hangs in a fabric hammock, suspended from a freestanding rig. Drawing in blue and brown.

A body hangs in a fabric hammock, suspended from a freestanding rig.

Drawing in blue and brown lines.

Over the past two weeks I have had the great pleasure and privilege to work with Jess Urwin of Dea Dia Wellbeing on a Zest Project for Bright Shadow.

We have taken one of my small, mobile, aerial rigs to four community centres, enticed the groups’ participants to swing and spin on an aerial hoop, or sit, lie, and relax in an aerial hammock. Admittedly there was a little resistance in the planning stages: Would people engage with this? Would they try it?

The answer came back as a resounding YES!!!

This week I brought juggling beanbags but seriously hadn’t anticipated the laughter that would ring out from each group.

As an absolute novice working with people living with Dementia, these few weeks have been a wonderful learning curve. I strongly believe that everyone should have an opportunity to try new things, step outside their comfort zones, and of course give aerial and circus skills a go, regardless of age or perceived ability.

We have another few weeks working across Canterbury, Whitstable, Dover and Hythe. I know I’ll be sad when the sessions end, but hopefully this is really just the start of something.

Thanks for reading.

Tina Carter


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  1. How lovely to hear that you had such great responses. We have tried in our area to engage with groups that deal with the older residents. There was a festival of aging and nobody wanted to team up with us!! we felt crushed. I think they thought it would be too difficult as we wanted active participation and not just passive inclusion. Hay Ho! Did feel crushed tho’

    1. Totally understand that… shame it didn’t happen. Perhaps look at what Bright Shadow do… they might have advice on how to engage? I’m loving it!!

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