Hurrah! Airhedz is back…

Tina plays in the aerial-strops with a bit of cheesy music overlaid!

We’re already mid-way through September, the sun is shining, and I felt it was probably time to share a few thoughts.

Last week I started all my new Airhedz Aerial Training courses. Sadly, I don’t have a lot on offer, happily, most of them are full, so I feel incredibly lucky.

It’s exciting to welcome new people to the Airhedz clan, and the number of former students who leapt at the opportunity to return to classes has been seriously humbling.

The enthusiasm I have received has given me a real spring in my stride, so much so that I dug out my old 1990s aerial boots – they still fit – and hung up some strops to have a play. And this little video emerged! Great to try new (old) things, and consider what else I might be able to offer.

What about Covid?

I am aware that all studios and tutors are managing their spaces, classes, the constant changing information, in their own way. I too have had to plan and prepare in partnership with the venues, Soul Solutions and Whitstable Sports Centre, who have been very supportive in my return to their spaces, so I wanted to share what it is I am doing:

  • New/Cleaned equipment set in the spaces prior to commencing
  • No shared equipment in sessions unless from same household
  • Equipment is treated with anti-viral spray and left suspended between sessions, or bagged and stored
  • Mats are cleaned down after use, or people bring their own yoga mats (e.g. for aerial yoga)
  • Fogging takes place after each session at Soul Solutions
  • There is currently no event after us at Whitstable Sports Centre
  • Ventilation is maintained with open doors in each space
  • Temperatures are taken prior to participating
  • Masks worn on entering and leaving each space
  • Masks can be worn during sessions if students choose to
  • When spotting, I wear my mask
  • I do Lateral Flow Tests twice a week and register with the NHS

Additional Student Support

  • I have returned to spotting for students especially newcomers; if we are later advised not to do this, then I will have to reconsider what and how I teach
  • I have restarted demonstrating actions where possible as this continues to be a useful tool for students’ learning, and it also enables me to maintain my fitness
  • This week I created videos of all the actions I taught, and uploaded them to a private YouTube channel and shared with my students as an aide memoir; so far they have been received with great enthusiasm. I just hope I can keep up with them!
  • Now that I have at least 2 sessions for each discipline, I can offer Catch-Up sessions if students miss a class. They aren’t guaranteed, and I need to ensure the catch-up class they attend is appropriate to their level, but where possible in supports people to stay away if they are ill!

A big Thank You!

I just wanted to extend a big thank you to all who have returned or joined the Airhedz Aerial Training classes. It’s been a bit of a gamble throwing all my eggs into this basket again, and only time will tell if I can make it work as my chosen career path once more. I am very grateful to have had a year’s teaching at Towers School in Ashford, but I’m also happy to be back doing what I love.

What’s on Offer?

Aerial Yoga at Soul Solutions in Faversham – courses are currently full, but if you are interested in joining I am happy to look at new days/times. How does a Sunday afternoon sound?

Aerial Fabric at the Whitstable Sports Centre – courses are underway, but there may be a few places after half-term. If you have booked onto Block 1 and wish to stay on Block 2, you’ll get first dibs…

Private Classes in Aerial Yoga, Hoop, Fabric and now Aerial Strops if you want them! Weather permitting, these will take place in Chestfield, outdoors; if my partner’s workshop is available, they may take place there; otherwise I can seek availability at Soul Solutions. Your choice!

Many thanks for reading.

All the best, Tina.

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